New Beta LaserMike Z-Mike Pro Gauge Provides Absolute Accuracy, Reliability and Repeatability for Metrology Applications

The new Beta LaserMike Z-Mike Pro from NDC Technologies is the next evolution of the industry’s leading off-line part measurement system for metrology applications. The new Z-Mike Pro sports sleek, modern styling and is ready for service under Industry 4.0 with expanded connectivity, communication and control capabilities. The Beta LaserMike team will be debuting the new Z-Mike Pro at IMTS 2018 (Beta LaserMike Booth 135911).

Z-Mike Pro provides absolute accuracy, reliability and repeatability for dimensional measurements of outer diameter, ovality, taper, TIR, runout and effective cutting diameter, to name a few. Manufacturers facing increasingly tighter tolerances and the pressure to turn out precision parts efficiently rely on Z-Mike’s +/-0.5 mm accuracy and +/-0.13 mm repeatability to help them deliver superior quality products. Z-Mike Pro offers versatility across a wide range of demanding measurement applications such as rubber rollers, fluted cutting tools, plug and pin gauge calibration, shafts, pistons, crankshafts, camshafts, motor shafts, glass tubes, fuel injectors, valves, computer components and other applications.

From quality clean rooms to tough machine shops, the Z-Mike Pro gauge offers the following benefits:

  • No recalibration
  • Precision over the entire measurement range
  • No need to center the object to be measured
  • Masurements traceable to national standards

The Z-Mike Pro gauge is available in two models to measure products up to 50 mm. Ethernet and USB connectivity simplifies integration into centralized production networks and other devices. An extensive line of ready-to-mount modular fixtures are available to properly hold workpieces, from simple manual fixtures to fully automated and intelligent fixtures. All Z-Mike Pro components are backed by a 2-year product warranty. And every measurement system is backed by NDC’s world-class service and support organization. Customers have 24-7 access to NDC’s complete customer service cloud portal – myNDC. Visit


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