Press Release: Complete Moisture Control Solutions for Minerals & Bulk Materials

NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, delivers comprehensive, in-process Near-Infrared (NIR) moisture monitoring systems to the world’s leading producers of minerals and bulk materials. NDC has worked closely with the industry over the last 50 years to develop the accurate, stable and robust measurements that the manufacturing processes require.

More energy is expended during drying than at almost any other stage in industrial processing. Poor control of the drying process results in wasted energy, higher production costs and out-of-spec products. NDC’s CM710e on-line NIR industrial moisture gauge is designed to help manufacturers of powders, coarse or fine particles, concentrates, slurries, pastes, flakes, granules and similar product formats to optimize their process by providing real-time moisture measurements. This information is then used to control the process, monitor product quality and warn operators if the process is moving out of specification, thereby increasing yield and improving and maintaining quality. The efficiency improvements can result in substantial cost reductions with return on investment achieved in months.

The CM710e gauge is supplied with a factory pre-calibration which covers the required moisture range. The pre-calibrations are based on extensive applications engineering and are designed to require the minimum amount of adjustment to achieve agreement with your laboratory reference technique. The CM710e is available with a choice of housings and accessories designed to withstand the process environment while enhancing performance.

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