Degree of Roast Measurement for Coffee Manufacturers

At-Line, Near-Infrared Food Analyzer Enables Coffee Processors to Measure Degree of Roast and Improve Production Efficiencies        

NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, offers the InfraLab e-Series near infrared (NIR) at-line analyzer for the accurate and reliable measurement of Degree of Roast (DOR) in coffee.

It’s common for Coffee “roastmasters” to measure the moisture and colour (which ranges from light to dark) of roasted beans to monitor the quality of the roasting process, and ensure the product is within target specification prior to further processing. The colour value, often referred to as degree of roast (DOR), is normally measured in the ground state as the beans are generally not uniform in colour.

NDC Technologies has upgraded its proven and trustworthy InfraLab at-line analyzer to provide a simultaneous measurement of moisture and DOR in approximately five seconds. With no special skill required to operate, the InfraLab delivers process vision far beyond that of conventional testing. This provides unprecedented feedback to the process controller for improved control of moisture and DOR. Fnancial benefits include:

  • Performing both measurements in a single instrument for reduced maintenance
  • Improving batch-to-batch consistency through rapid feedback of moisture and DOR, enabling roasters to confirm and refine processing operations
  • Improving operating efficiency

Historically, to differentiate between different degrees of roast, a narrow band of visible light reflected from a ground sample of the roasted bean is measured. The InfraLab now incorporates this capability to provide a simultaneous measurement of moisture (using NIR light) and DOR from a single sample of coffee.

For over 50 years, NDC Technologies has worked closely with the industry’s leading food manufacturers to implement advanced quality control solutions for effectively measuring moisture, fat, protein, degree of bake, and degree of roast, to name a few. The company has over 25,000 food gauges installed worldwide across a wide range of applications. 


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