LaserSpeed Delivers Producton Savings to Pipe and Tube Producers

Beta LaserMike LaserSpeed Non-Contact Gauge Measures Length & Speed with Highest Accuracy and Delivers Production Savings to Pipe and Tube Producers

NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, indicates its Beta LaserMike LaserSpeed® non-contact gauge has helped numerous pipe and tube manufacturers to accurately measure the length and speed of products during production to avoid costly product overages and shortages, as well as reduce product scrap and rework.

“Manufacturers of pipe and tube require the accurate length and speed measurements of products,” says Jay Luis, Global Marketing Communications Manager for NDC Technologies. “For example, accurate length and speed measurements control cutting systems that produce products to exact production and customer size specifications. Accurate length measurements also enable manufacturers to properly position pipe and tubes to mark them with important product information. However, many manufacturers still use mechanical contact encoders to perform these measurements not realizing they are getting 1% or greater accuracy at best due to slippage and mechanical issues. Length discrepancies can directly affect product quality and create waste, costing the manufacturer significantly.”

The LaserSpeed non-contact gauge is an ideal replacement for contact measurement devices. It uses a unique, laser-based technique that does not contact the product to directly measure the length and speed of moving surfaces with better than +/-0.03% accuracy (the highest accuracy in the industry) and +/-0.02% repeatability. LaserSpeed is permanently calibrated and has no moving parts to wear out, offering pipe and tube producers the lowest cost of ownership. This highly reliable gauge is proven in numerous production applications. As a result of the higher measurement accuracy and tighter process control, manufacturers are realizing a number of production efficiencies and savings.

NDC offers a complete family of Beta LaserMike LaserSpeed gauges in a variety of protective enclosures to operate in harsh production environments. In addition, NDC Technologies offers a European certified length measurement system that meets MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) 2014/32/EU requirements.

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