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Press Release: Steel Mills Maximize Investment

NDC Technologies' Market-Driven Measurement System Enables Steel Mills to Maximize Their Investment and Receive Precision, Performance and Value

NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, reports that its AccuRay® TDi-700 X-Ray thickness gauge is helping steel mills increase productivity through improved measurement capability, operational flexibility and exceptional reliability.

“NDC’s metals gauging systems have a long heritage in the steel industry, serving the world’s leading manufacturers for over 60 years,” says Mike Ramsey, Director of NDC’s Metals business.Our AccuRay TDi-700 X-Ray gauge provides highly accurate and reliable thickness measurements of flat rolled products in all typical cold rolling and coil processing applications. It is a proven performer in hundreds of installations worldwide. Best of all, manufacturers indicate this cost-effective gauging investment has provided long-term, cost-saving benefits and the flexibility to adapt to their production changes over time.”

The AccuRay product family continues to be an industry leader in high-performance, non-contact thickness measurement. The AccuRay TDi-700 can be configured with one of several sensors to cover the complete thickness range required in rolling mills and process lines regardless of mill size, metal type and existing conditions. The X-Ray sensors and C-frames require minimal mill space for installation, making them ideal for both new mills and replacement of older systems in existing mills.

The AccuRay TDi-700 gauging system is based on NDC’s proprietary Total Distributed Intelligence (TDi) architecture which creates a more powerful, yet simpler system -- providing industry leading measurement performance, better uptime, easier maintainability and low cost of ownership. This successful architecture has been proven across thousands of different processes and applications since its introduction in 2006.

All AccuRay TDi-700 gauging systems can be supplied with an integrated Beta LaserMike LaserSpeed® gauge.  LaserSpeed is the industry’s leading and most accurate non-contact length and speed gauge with over 8,000 installations worldwide. The combination provides users a measurement combination that reduces overall system and project costs, and simplifies sensor maintenance.

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