Press Release: On-Line Gauging Innovations at Chinaplas 2017

NDC Technologies Demonstrates System Solutions for Precisely Measuring Plastic Film, Sheet, Pipe and Tube at Chinaplas 2017


NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, sets the stage with live demonstrations of the latest gauging innovations for plastic film & sheet and pipe & tube extrusion at this year’s Chinaplas in Guangzhou (Booth K31, Hall 9.2). Booth visitors will get a first-hand view of how NDC’s measurement solutions can help improve product quality, increase productivity and deliver manufacturing savings.

Film and Sheet Extrusion

NDC will be showcasing its new FilmProinfrared gauge for the sheet, film and coating industries. This gauge uses advanced optical techniques to measure a wide range of film and sheet properties with high precision. NDC’s continuing NIR developments have resulted in the release of new non-contacting, non-nuclear infrared measurement techniques using a single gauge for multiple applications. NDC’s modular FilmPro gauge can measure the thickness of clear, voided, pigmented, cavitated, porous, translucent colored and even black tinted films. The measurement capability of the FilmPro also extends to single- or multi-layer products including thin, biaxially-orientated films, cast films and CPE stretch films. It can also simultaneously measure the individual thicknesses of up to 6 different layers in co-extruded films.

Until recently, accurate thickness measurement of voided films and battery separator films had proven difficult due to product density variation. X-ray, nuclear and basic/traditional infrared gauges all measure mass per unit area (gsm) and then relate this to film thickness assuming constant density. NDC has now developed a new measurement model combining discrete NIR filters and powerful gauging algorithms, and for the first time can offer with FilmPro the ability to independently measure direct film thickness measurement, the mass per unit area (gsm) and an independently computed density measurement of these products. Its unique design also provides the capability for measuring the oil content in PE battery films, including the wet cast film after the biax stretch part of the process.

The FilmPro gauge will be demonstrated at Chinaplas running on NDC's MiniTrak O-Frame scanner with new iView ProTM web gauging platform and operator work station. The demonstration will show the FilmPro gauge effectively measuring a range of film types from clear to black tinted films.

MiniTrak™ is an intelligent O-Frame scanner that offers fast, accurate and reliable measurement performance that is tightly integrated into an intelligent, distributed web gauging architecture. For plants with complex lines and multiple processes, the MiniTrak O-Frame scanner delivers the results that customers expect. For example, MiniTrak O-Frame scanners can be combined and configured with NDC’s full sensor portfolio of transmission gauges and software products. Scanner models are available for web widths ranging from 575 mm to 4325 mm.

Plastic Extruded Pipe and Tube                          

NDC will also be display it’s complete Beta LaserMike measurement system solution for gauging extruded plastic pipe and tube. First, is the latest AccuScan 6000 Series gauge – the industry’s only four-axis scanning diameter and ovality gauge. The AccuScan 6000 Series includes the AccuScan 6012 for measuring products up to 12 mm and the AccuScan 6050 for measuring products up to 50 mm. Both gauges provide the highest ovality accuracy (up to 100%) and the highest flaw detection accuracy with 25% improvement over three-axis measurement methods. This is accomplished through ultra-fast diameter and ovality measurements at 9600 scans per second coupled with the highest single-scan accuracy in the industry.

NDC will also be displaying its UltraScan ultrasonic gauge that provides non-contact precision measurement of product wall thickness and concentricity. UltraScan’s patented “Snap Technology” automatically sets up the waveforms of all transducers, tracks tolerances to catch wall variations and provides higher accuracy of average wall and concentricity measurements with assured repeatability. This gives plastic pipe and tube manufacturers the ability to immediately make process adjustments to avoid scrap and ensure quality results. The latest three-axis LN3015/LN3040 lump and neckdown detectors quickly and reliably spot product flaws before they become costly production problems. Fast-sensing, processing technology instantly detects sudden changes in the product diameter (up to 15 mm and 40 mm) to effectively catch the smallest of flaws.

Also on display is the Beta LaserMike LaserSpeed® non-contact gauge for measuring the length and speed of products. LaserSpeed delivers better than +/-0.03% accuracy and +/-0.02% repeatability, making it an ideal solution for replacing error-prone, high-maintenance contact encoders. For off-line sample and cut-part inspection, NDC will be showing the latest version of its BenchMike measurement system now with a larger high-resolution display. With over 15,000 gauges installed worldwide, BenchMike is the industry’s leading bench-top dimensional measurement system. It provides fast, accurate dimensional measurement of inner diameter, outer diameter and wall thickness.

Integral to the measurement system solution, booth visitors will see the latest release of the Beta LaserMike InControl™ process visualization and control system. InControl brings an advanced level of graphical user interface, functionality and ease of use to operators for increased productivity. It offers closed-loop control, scanning flaw detection, total wall thickness calculation, product defect marking, statistical process control, data collection and reporting, flexible interface, and a number of other valuable features. An Optional OPC UA server module offers flexible, central control.


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