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NDC Technologies Exhibits Leading On-Line and At-Line Measurement Solutions at IFT18

NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, demonstrates the latest Near Infrared (NIR) food gauges for measuring moisture, fat, protein, oil and degree of bake at this year’s IFT18 exhibition. NDC has had a long association with the industry’s leading manufacturers to develop the most accurate and reliable food gauges on the market today. Thousands of gauges are installed across a wide range of applications worldwide.

Meat Processing

NDC Technologies’ InfraLab e-Series at-line meat analyzer precisely and consistently measures the fat, moisture, protein and collagen content in meat samples. Suitable for beef, lamb, pork and poultry applications, this near-infrared (NIR) measurement system analyzes product parameters in less than 10 seconds while next to the production line.

The InfraLab e-Series captures consistent measurements completely independent of product and ambient conditions. InfraLab is simple to use and allows for the rapid analysis of meat samples with minimum sample preparation.

Snack Food Manufacturing

NDC’s dependable MM710e NIR on-line gauge generates continuous, highly accurate and representative measurements during production, allowing for better process control and product quality optimization.    

The MM710e gauge enables snack food processors to combine traditional moisture and oil measurements with the on-line measurement of surface brownness (or degree of frying/baking). This offers a powerful alternative to time-consuming, off-line testing. Designed for integration into snack production lines, the MM710e provides instant outputs to a PLC or control system for complete process control.



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