Press Release: NDC Technologies Announces Service Cloud "myNDC" to Elevate the Customer Service Experience

NDC is delighted to announce the launch of its NDC service cloud, myNDC, which will greatly simplify the customer’s interaction with the company, ensure laser-like focus of the customer service team on problem solving, and most important, enable flawless execution, supporting its customers. The company is excited to offer Incident Management tools to its customers in the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific immediately at launch and this will be followed with a local introduction to the China market later this year. 

myNDC will simplify IT infrastructure to replace multiple applications that were used to provide customer service.  myNDC enables a seamless customer service agent experience to create tickets, view a customer’s installed base or their service history, allowing the team to focus and prioritize service requests.  NDC’s service team will be able to execute service requests more comprehensively using a knowledge base, and optimise its global resources to deliver excellent levels of service.  Customers will even be able to generate their Return Materials Authorisations (RMAs) though myNDC. 

Mahesh Havildar, VP Operations and Global Customer Service for NDC says that “The company has adopted a deliberate business mindset in the team of  ‘Get going, Get better and Get ahead’ for implementing the myNDC service cloud to immediately deliver these benefits to its customers -- and to keep evolving and improving.  With myNDC, customers will have an additional and dependable channel to reach the company and have complete visibility of their service requests and the status of their job.”  He added that “We welcome our customers to myNDC where the improved engagement and simplicity of operation will delight our customers.”

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