New Prysmian Group Manufacturing Academy Press Release

New Prysmian Group Manufacturing Academy in Turkey Uses Beta LaserMike Measurement Technology to Increase Cable Production Excellence

NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of precision measurement and process control solutions, recently delivered the latest Beta LaserMike measurement technology to the new Prysmian Group Manufacturing Academy in Mudanya, Turkey for the precision measurement of high-performance energy cables. This new center of excellence will use the Beta LaserMike measurement technology to strengthen the manufacturing skills of its employees and to build a strong manufacturing community.

“Cable manufacturers today face a number of production challenges involving quality and cost reduction, such as reducing downtime by increasing plant and personnel efficiencies, minimizing material usage, and increasing process capabilities and production throughput,” says Stefano Cicetti, EMEA Sales Director for NDC’s line of Beta LaserMike products. “The Beta LaserMike products we provided for the new manufacturing academy allows Prysmian personnel to train on the industry’s latest precision measurement technology. We will also share our knowledge and applications expertise to reinforce best technical practices. These manufacturing skills will enable Prysmian to develop higher quality products faster and deliver more value to customers and the industry.”

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